DKB - Dana Kebajikan Bersama


The purpose is to inculcate co-operative and mutual help amongst members by performing the followings :
  • Raise funds from amongst members to provide financial grants to members;
  • In matters of death;

  • Who have prolonged illness and receiving treatment in a hospital;

  • Whose house and property is destroyed by fire, natural phenomena, and other calamities;
  • Provide grants pertaining to the education of the children of a member, who is sole breadwinner, in the event of his death.


  • Every member of this Fund shall be eligible to receive grants under these Rules only after he has been member for at least 3 months and further provided that he is not in default.
  • An application for grants as stipulated in Rule 9 shall be submitted within 1 calendar month from the day the event occurs.
  • Any application for grants submitted after 1 calendar month from the day the event occurs shall be considered if the member was 'on overseas leave' during the material time.

Entrance Fees

A person who is being admitted as a member to this Fund shall pay a non-refundable fee of S$3.00 (Dollars Three).


Every member shall pay a non-refundable fee of S$3.00 (Dollars Three).

Definition of Member's Dependants

Member's dependants shall be any or all of the following:
  • Wife / Husband of the member;

  • Natural child, step child and legally adopted child and still schooling; a child above the age of 16 years can be included if he /she is physically and mentally retarded;

  • Natural parents / foster parents / step-parents of the member;

  • Every member shall, upon admission, register his dependants with the Society, by furnishing the relevant documentary proof thereof. The Society shall be notified, in writing, of any changes or addition of dependants.

DKB - Dana Kebajikan Bersama